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Living and working abroad is great! And while you are abroad you need the same things as you would need at home. More than just Yellow Pages, LikeJohnny.com gives you all you need abroad: Places, Events, Jobs, Market and most of all Useful Information!

What need-to-know

Find and share information and make your stay abroad the best time ever! List or find Places, Events, Jobs or get a good deal in the Market. If you have useful tips, share them in comments or on Facebook with fellow expats.

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Get information and directions to places in your expat country that you need to find: immigration services, doctors, dentists, shops, restaurants and much more… Add your Place, Event, Job Search or Offer and find solutions through the Market.

Where need-to-visit

One of the reasons you live abroad is to see new places. Find a selection of places abroad that you absolutely need to see before leaving!

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Our information is based on experience and referrals of expats. Did you find places that each expat should know? Please refer and we will share your findings! Good tips are rewarded with a FREE Johnny of the Week shareable!

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Share, review, comment and like what you want ! Make sure all expats get the right information!

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… Enjoy Living Abroad!