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Bulgaria: Children and School

We published Bulgaria: Children and School, because of course we want our family with us wherever we go. Or we can start a family wherever we land. In either case it could be good to know a bit more about the Bulgarian school system. Also in Bulgaria children are obliged to follow a basic education. (more…)

Bulgaria: Vehicle Registration


Find your way through KAT? This can be difficult if you do not speak Bulgarian. For registering your vehicle you would like this to be done correctly and preferably with assistance of someone trustworthy. Since 2012 we have successfully assisted expats through the KAT process. Make your life easier and enjoy our Bulgaria Vehicle Registration Service. (more…)

Bulgaria: Sickness at work and Sicknote

Learn more about Bulgaria: Sickness at work and Sicknote. Working abroad you will find you have the same rights as in your home country when it comes to sickness at work. Employers will arrange extra or specific employee health insurances that will cover all or most of the common medical expenses. It helps to understand how this right works to avoid problems. (more…)

Bulgaria: Signals on Irregularities

Work stress

Bulgaria: Signals on Irregularities aims to inform you what you can do if you feel your employee rights are not respected. When working in Bulgaria it is important that you are treated right. Your employer is required to uphold the labour law for each individual employee. Should it happen that you feel treated unfair or not according labour regulations there are things you can do. (more…)

Bulgaria: Labour Code

If you are working in Bulgaria it can be useful to know the Labour Code or find it when you need it. Your basic rights are written in this document and this Labour Code always comes before any statement in your contract. (more…)

Bulgaria: Sofia Apartment Service

An arrival in a new city is pleasant when you know people are there for you. Our services are dedicated to arriving expats in Sofia. For all people who come to Sofia we offer assistance to find accommodation.

Our team is specialized in working with expats in Sofia: we understand your need, we speak your language and through our solid knowledge of the city we are always able to find you something suitable.