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Tech: How To: Live TV Stream?

Tech: How to live stream TV

For expats abroad it can be nice to watch your national TV channels. You are probably familiar with watching channels on your computer screen. But how to watch a live TV stream on your TV? We will guide you through the set up, we will break it down for you. And below you will find a list of selected national channels for your click ‘n watch. (more…)

Tech: Search Engine is a search engine that promisses no more search related tracking. This means no more adverts, no more suggestions as other search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo or Ask bring you. Sponsored advertising will no longer distract you.. (more…)

Hola Unblocker App

Hola logo

Did you ever have that you were trying to watch something on your smartphone and the application kindly informed you that your geolocation does not allow access to that application? Before you needed to create all sorts of proxy’s etc. Hola made your life easier. After activation Hola creates application access from the location required. (more…)

Walking Around App

New city, lots to see, where to start? We found this application that will assist you on your city walks: the Strol App.

Translate App

Many of us know that not everywhere people will have a language in common. For this it is very practical to have a translate tool on your smartphone. (more…)

Currency Converter App

Find yourself abroad with strange money? 6.000 something for a bread? What? We found a neet application for your smartphone that will get you on your way. This converter has a free version, which will display some advertising. (more…)